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Season One books (paperback and eBook):

Game of Two Halves by Unoma Nwankwor, releases May 24, 2024

Against the Run of Play by Kiru Taye, releases May 28, 2024

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Nonso Chijuka, a gifted but troubled midfielder, fresh off a several month long ban from football travels to Viva City, London determined to redeem himself both on and off the field. However, the reception he receives is mixed as he navigates through the highs and lows of fame while also fighting his personal demons. Just when his redemption is within reach, Nonso finds himself drawn back into a web of scandal and danger, putting everything he has worked for at risk.
Yinka Martins, a strong-willed, intelligent, and successful financial advisor on the cusp of becoming partner at Apex Financial, finds herself drawn to the charming footballer who has the potential to disrupt her carefully constructed life.

As their relationship grows, Nonso struggles to find a balance between starting anew and severing ties from his past, while Yinka is torn between staying in her comfort zone or taking a leap of faith. When they discover that life, like football, is a game of two halves, will they be able to blend their worlds and build a future together, or will their differences tear them apart?




Soccer player and reformed bad boy, Asher Uzodimma, is struggling through a challenging season. Due to a string of injuries, he finds himself relegated to the bench during crucial games as his team battles for promotion into the league’s top division. Frustrated, he falls back on some old habits and escapes to find solace where he encounters the vibrant Vivi. She has zero interest in celebrities. Yet, spending only two days with her brings a sense of calm and stability back into his life. She possesses all the qualities he never realised he desired in a woman, and his yearning to be in her presence grows stronger with each passing day. Nevertheless, when he finally learns her full identity, she quickly becomes the last woman anyone wants for him.

Vivacious and fun-loving Vivi Osondu is currently in seclusion after the highly publicised end to her turbulent relationship. She needs a break to reevaluate her life and dedicate time to self-reflection. Meeting Asher brings back her laughter, which had been missing for months, and each time she lays eyes on him, her stomach fills with a delightful sense of excitement. However, he’s part of the famous crowd, and she’s made a conscious decision to steer clear of that world, so she chooses to walk away. But Asher is determined to turn the game around both on and off the pitch, against the run of play.


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